Giraffe, Guildford


Visited Giraffe Restaurant in Guildford, Surrey last night with my boyfriend. I had just finished my January exams that day and Giraffe had an excellent offer of 40% off food with a voucher off their website The 40% off offer was our main reason for choosing to go to Giraffe I must admit we are a tad on the stingy side but what can I say I am a student! Saying that, I was actually looking forward to it as I visited Giraffe in London by the South bank and had the most amazing leg of lamb steak so I knew without even having to look at the menu again what my main was going to be. I wasn’t let down when it arrived either, it was exactly how I remembered it! If you are a  carnivore like myself you would also love this! It may not be very fancy but so, so delicious! Always ask for it rare so its still bleeding, you can’t get better than that! My boyfriend and I also had ‘Large Mezze’ to start with which was labeled as a sharing platter although I think we needed one more person there to help us as it really was large! Although moaning that it was a bit too big (only because I struggled to eat my main which was too nice to leave) it also only came with ONE lamb kofta, ONE piece of halloumi cheese and ONE chicken skewer . I thought this was a sharer? May have been best suited as a main for one!

Giraffe also do many lovely looking and lovely tasting cocktails but unfortunately didn’t get to indulge in any this time around as I had to be behind the wheel on the way home! Mayb next time ay!

Such good value for money 40 % off WOW shame it ends 27th January 2012! I got there just in time!