Cape Town Fish Market, London

Visited Cape Town Fish Market for New Year’s Eve 2011-2012. We booked a table for the four of us. We are not from London so were hoping the restaurant was not hard to find, luckily it was right next to the tube station.

We arrived early so we decided to pop into the pub at the other end of the street The Argyll Arms. This was a strange pub, do not attempt to go to the toilet if you’re wearing heels! the toilets are up some steep, tiny stairs which you cannot fit your whole foot on! This was a scary experience! The bar area was also odd, every 2 square metres was separated by dividing walls so you could not see anyone else in the pub! It was much like having our own private room.

Anyway back to Cape Town Fish Market!

We arrived to the restaurant to be seated straight away. Our waiter was very friendly considering he was having to work New Years Eve. Us to girls ordered a Strawberry daiquiri each, which were awesome in taste not sure that there was much alcohol in them though.

All four of us decided to go with the set menu that was on, I believe it was 12.95 for 2 dishes although we could have gone with the 9.95 set menu but choice was limited. I ordered mussels to start, this came out in a tiny bowl with about five mussels in it, wasn’t very impressed! I will let them off though considering it was only a starter and at such a cheap price on New Years Eve! Them I had the Salmon Sushi Platter! This was amazing lots of raw salmon assorted in all different ways and more than enough to fill you up!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it when it first   came out so here is a picture of roughly a quarter or less of  what we were given it was DELICIOUS! I couldn’t believe we were given so much for such a cheap price.

Such a shame I do not live in London otherwise I would be  here everyday! Sushi Heaven
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