Alexandra Beach Spa Resort, Thassos


Visited the small Greek island of Thassos in June-July 2011. The Island doesn’t have it’s own airport so we landed by plane in mainland Greece and caught a ferry across. Some may believe this causes a nuisance, just adding more travelling time to your journey. We found it very pleasant with flocks of large seagulls flying along side the ferry.


Then there was also a coach drive to our hotel. This coach drive did make me a bit scared. We would stop at a number of these dingy looking hotels wondering was this going to be us next!!!!!! Were we going to be stranded at one of these broken down hotels! So, I had never been so relieved when we turned up at Alexandra Beach Resort!!

It was lovely, lots of rooms surrounded by lots of green gardens, each room also had its own balcony/patio. It had two bars open when we were there although it looked like it may have a third indoor one which wasn’t open. One was situated in the middle of the two pool area’s, which was the main bar where the evening entertainment also was. The other one was situated on the beach. The beach had its own, free, private sunbeds and shade covers which also were attached with a button to call a bartender over to take your order from the beach bar! This could make you very lazy! Next to the beach bar they also provided massages down by the beach.

Our second day there a Thompson tour guide came to give us a talk about Thassos and the resort telling us about tours which were available and also guided us on how to keep safe. The main warning was about the masses of Sea Urchins on the stony floor as you enter the sea! The Resort has obviously tackled this problem well as they provided the beach with two big pontoons so you were able to walk out to where in was deep enough to jump in without touching the bottom of the water.

We booked ourselves onto a 4×4 trip which took us up the mountains! This trip got me pumping with adrenaline, seemed like we were putting our life in some Greek guys hands to drive us up the mountain and back down again in one piece. We were driving along very thin strip of road right next to the edge of the mountain! Half way to the top of the mountain they stopped and cooked us a BBQ which was very nice and when we got to the top the view was amazing. There was also two other stops on the way one to visit an old what you could call a “burial ground” it was a room full of dead peoples bones including whole skulls. (This wasn’t very pleasant) The other stop was to explore a small lake/pond thing in the middle of the mountain so we were able to feed the fish.


Alexandra Beach Spqa Resort was situated right next to a town called Potos which consisted of tourist shops, small supermarkets, restaurants and bars. We occasionally came down here during the day and evening to have a beer or cocktail with our favourite Greek/New Zealand bar owner. He was extremely friendly also providing us with free snacks!

We went half board at Alexandra Beach Resort which included just breakfast and dinner. The food was buffet style and was always a nice variety of food including fresh fish and occasional BBQ’s. The drinks prices were quite high, 4 Euros for 500ml Lager, although I presume this is to be expected now. The bar tenders at the resort were also lovely and they made a gorgeous strawberry daiquiri.

The hotel was situated on top of a hill which gave you lovely sea views sitting near the main bar.

The beach also had its own water sports. So we rented out a pedalo, a jet ski and we went on a parachute off the back of a boat! I have never been so scared in my life. I don’t know why I did it, I am petrified of heights and I hated it!


There was also another town a 45 minute walk away which was filled with bars, restaurants and tourist shops which was lovely also. This was a lovely holiday and would love to return in the future!!