Eastern Oriental, Old Woking


My boyfriend took me to this restaurant after having it recommened to him by a friend at work. When we turned up I could believe how overly decorated it had been we had statues and pond with fish in them, it really did make you feel that you were going to experience another culture. Decor was really lovely!

We came here on a friday evening when they had their all you can eat menu on which was 19.95 for a friday or saturday. If you were to come here Sunday-Thursday It would only cost you 16.95. The all you can eat menu had pages and pages of choice. For a starter we had a Thai Spicy Tom Yum Soup each. This was a King Prawn and Mussle soup flavoured with chilli and lemon grass. When the soup arrive I only had about two prawns and ONLY one HALF of a mussle!! My boyfriend got two halves, he must have been lucky. The soup was also overly lemonny , needed more seafood to balance the flavours. We also ordered some grilled pork dumplings to share along with our soups. We should have ordered a portion each as we only got two dumplings TO SHARE! With them being so delicisious, could have definitly done with more than one. So at this point we were starving!!

I had a prawn thai currey for main with some egg fried rice and some stir-fried bean sprouts with garlic and spring onion! All lovely tasting, but again, rather small portions.

Still hungry, we asked to see the menu again seeing as it was meant to be “All you can eat” and I definitly hadn’t eaten “All I could eat.” The face we received when we asked did not seem impressed but the menu was still given to us. We felt unwelcome to order anymore so we decided to ask for the bill.

I would definitely visit here again but will have to remember to order a lot more or maybe even order three courses!

Desserts were not included in the all you could eat price either.

Staff were very lovely and attentive along with the manager who came over and spoke to us when we had finished our meal (Looked like he was doing this to most guests).

I would recommend this restaurant!