Matahari, Guildford


Booked a table for two here on Saturday evening. We were told we could come from any time and be out at 8.45 or we could have a table for nine. As there was only two of us we decided to come in at 7. We, like on our last visit, were seated upstairs. I have to say the stairs are frightening!! I do not know how the waiters carry food up them! Very steep and the steps do not fit even half your foot on, I am a size 5!!!

The service was great and a bowl of complimentary prawn crackers was placed of every diners table.

The food was very nice although rather expensive. We shared pork and prawn dumplings (3 each) £7.90 and some salt and pepper squid £5.90 to start. The dumplings weren’t great they were too gooey and tasted slightly raw and no flavours. The squid however was gorgeous. It melted in the mouth unlike the chewy and overcooked squid you would normally get in the UK.

For my main I got a mixture off the japanese menu. Tuna Nigri-zushi (finger sushi) which came with three pieces £7.90, some salmon Hosi-Maki (small sushi rolls) 6 pieces £4.20 and 1 Temaki which is a large hand rolled sushi cone which I got filled with crab, cucumber and mayo £5.90. Although all very nice as I love sushi, this small portion came to £18 and didn’t quite fill me up. I could have gone for the sushi platter but this was a shocking £25.90.

{sushi platter}

My partner had Indonesian curry king prawns £9.50 and steamed rice £2.20, this price was more reasonable but still a small portion.

I was pleased with my visit however as this was the first time in ages I had been out to a restaurant and had no problems with the service. Food and drinks arrived promptly and empty dishes were also taken away promptly to. The food was also delicious although over priced. I will visit this restaurant again.