Coca Cola and Red Wine???

So, after trying Cola and Beer I was recommended to try Cola and Red Wine. How gross this sounded.

It is traditionally called Kalimotxo and is made by adding 50% Cola and 50% Red Wine and LOTS OF ICE. I’m sure the more ice you add the better it will taste!!

This picture makes it look so appetizing!!!!

Although being a Red Wine LOVER! I tried this mixture and was not impressed! Took the enjoyment out of the wine completely! If you, like me, enjoy your wine do not add Cola! This is unless your red wine is so cheap and undrinkable, then you may be able to bare it. If you do however dislike red wine, this may just be your answer when its the last thing in your cupboard!

Enjoy! or not…. if that’s the case šŸ™‚