Day’s Oriental Buffet, Brighton

Day’s Buffet is not far from the pier/seafront in Brighton. I visited here on a Thursday evening and it was £13.99 all you can eat. £3.20 for a pint also, which in this area is pretty cheap!

We expected to pay for the buffet and drinks before we were seated / could start eating. Although we were seated and given our drinks and left to it, this made us feel very trusted seeing at the restaurant is a large, spacious and busy place!

Save your appetite if you’re coming to Day’s as you will be spoiled for choice. I decided to visit Day’s as I heard the buffet also included sushi and with the price of sushi at restaurants being well overly priced I could not wait to eat as much as I wanted.

Although the sushi wasn’t the best quality I couldn’t complain. Plenty of soya sauce, wasabi and ginger to make it all taste lovely! The sushi buffet consisted of salmon nigiri, gunkan-maki, california maki, tuna maki and tamagoyaki nigiri.

You could also choose meat dishes to be cooked fresh by a chef in front of you. These included baby squid,

salmon, lamb, beef, prawns and mussels. They also had cold prawns and mussels in the salad section and hot prawns and mussels in the chinese section of the restaurant.

Day’s includes the basic’s such as chicken nuggets and chips, it has a choice of about 15 chinese dishes and a choice of about 4 curries and 5 soups. They is also a mixture of other dishes includes spare ribs, chicken wings and fish.

There was way to much to choose from and would love to visit here again to try everything I didn’t get round to trying! Definitely recommended for a cheap, stuff your face, dinner!