Yo! Sushi, Guildford

Visited here on a Sunday evening. On a Sunday they have an all you can eat off the belt deal for £19.50, although slightly expensive for an all you an eat, I definitely got my monies worth.

My partner and I had about 25 plates between the two of us. I always thought I could never have enough sushi, I definitely had enough this time. I was full to the brim!


Dishes on the belt at Yo Sushi don’t always have the biggest variety and I think we must have been the only ones who were having the all you can eat option as we were told the chef’s would put a larger variety on the belt for us. The first ten minutes the dishes stayed pretty much the same, we weren’t looking hopeful  Then the variety changed and they put out loads of sashimi salmon and tuna, this was great as then we didn’t have to eat all the filling rice they put on the other plates.


Above: This dish may have been nicer if the tuna wasn’t seared.