Coca cola & Beer ?

I was reading up about what other drinks I could mix with beer, just to do a bit of experimenting. I am use to mixing it with lemonade but this isn’t very adventurous… Continue reading

My 1st Attempt – Egg, Bacon & Toast Cups

This was my first attempt of {Egg, Bacon & Toast Cups}. As I do, I changed the method and quantities slightly to match the size of my baking dish, 2 slices of bacon… Continue reading

The perfect roast potatoes

My mum has never been able to do very good roast potatoes. They are also over cooked and tough round the outside. So I thought I would have a go at them and… Continue reading

Matahari, Guildford

Booked a table for two here on Saturday evening. We were told we could come from any time and be out at 8.45 or we could have a table for nine. As there… Continue reading

The Perfect Poached Egg

How do we cook the perfect poached egg? so it is all runny inside? I have managed to perfect this, with a fault proof method! You will need: Free Range Egg(‘s) Vinegar Saucepan… Continue reading

Frere Jacques, Kingston-Upon-Thames

                        Stopped here with friends on a lovely sunny day for a break from our studies at Kingston University. None of us… Continue reading

Eastern Oriental, Old Woking

My boyfriend took me to this restaurant after having it recommened to him by a friend at work. When we turned up I could believe how overly decorated it had been we had… Continue reading

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Discovered my love for this cocktail on holiday at Alexander Beach Spa Resort last year. So, on Saturday I thought I would make this for my friends and it was just as deliscious!… Continue reading

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Alexandra Beach Spa Resort, Thassos

Visited the small Greek island of Thassos in June-July 2011. The Island doesn’t have it’s own airport so we landed by plane in mainland Greece and caught a ferry across. Some may believe… Continue reading

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